Sixty percent of men are likely to experience hair loss at some point in their lives. The susceptibility of men to hair loss is due to the action of androgens on the hair follicles. Specifically, male hair loss results when there are elevated levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp. DHT is a by-product of testosterone, but it can potentially cause damage in the hair follicles. DHT binds with the hair follicles and cause shrinkage of the hair follicles. Over time, the affected area of the scalp thins out and death of the follicles ensues. The best hair loss treatment for men, therefore, is one that addresses the problem with DHT.

The increase in levels of DHT is a consequence of genetic predisposition. Although, it appears that hair loss affects all men, hair loss is likely to occur only in men with genetic predisposition for the condition. The genetic predisposition cannot be countered, but the increase in DHT can be controlled by an effective hair loss treatment for men. Characteristically, an effective hair loss treatment for men is made specifically to address the levels of DHT. Most hair loss treatment for men works as DHT blockers.

What are DHT Blockers?
DHT blockers refer to hair loss treatment for men that are designed to block the production of DHT. Production of DHT is facilitated by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. DHT blockers help reduce the production of DHT by blocking the enzyme. The only way to stop DHT is to block with hair loss treatment for men. The drug finasteride which is indicated for male hair loss is one of the known DHT blockers. Finasteride is prescribed by doctors for men with mild to moderate hair loss. Based on studies, finasteride effectively blocks the production of DHT. The main drawback with using finsteride, however, is does it is associated with side effects. There are actually other DHT blockers that work effectively, but without side effects.

Herbs that are capable of blocking DHT have been used for thousands for years as hair loss treatment for men. These herbs include saw palmetto, which stops hair loss by preventing the attachment of DHT to the hair follicles.  In addition, other herbs such as nettle work as DHT blockers by inhibiting the formation of the enzyme. Essentially, saw palmetto and nettle are two of the main components of all-natural hair loss products including Procerin.

Procerin As DHT Blocker
Procerin is a safe and effective hair loss treatment for men. Procerin blocks DHT using a two-way system. Procerin tablet contains all-natural, powerful DHT blockers which stops hair loss on its tracks, while the Procerin XT Topical Foam contains compounds that effectively stimulate hair regrowth. As a two-way system, Procerin works as hair loss treatment for men by addressing the problem internally and externally. Unlike other hair products which claim as hair loss treatment for men, Procerin is all-natural and does not cause adverse effects. It only guarantees restoration of your hair.

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Take of nutritional food is extremely important for natural hair loss prevention. A healthy and balanced diet provides all the essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth.

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